Student Life


We believe school is an important place to foster new relationships and maintain those that have already been established. We also believe that that finding common interests is a great way to find community, and therefore encourage our students to get involved in one of the many clubs we have on campus. Our club offerings - similar to our students - are dynamic, and we welcome any ideas for new clubs that our students may offer. In addition to over 10 signature leadership organizations on campus, club leadership is also a great way to grow your leadership skills at Drew. Interested in learning more about clubs at Drew? Reach out to Kate Halsey, Dean of Students.

Below are some of the student-led clubs we offer:
  • Poetry Club 
  • Game Club
  • Spanish Club
  • Esports Club
  • Debate Club
  • Movie Club
  • Girls Who Code
  • Dance Club
  • Creative Club
  • Model UN
  • Music Production
  • Mountain Biking Club
  • Sports Broadcast
  • Environmental Club

Affinity Groups

Drew's inclusive community is made up of diverse people and allows every single person to show up and be their authentic selves. Equity and social impact work at Drew fosters an environment in which equity and respect for others are core and where you can show up without concern of prejudice.

The goal of equity and social impact work at Drew is:
  • To allow students to learn about themselves as multifaceted individuals.
  • To learn about and how to respect the differences and similarities of others.
  • To be able to broaden awareness about the world and how it interconnects with one's own life.
  • To develop cultural competency.
  • To build a community of trust, honesty, openness, dialogue, and respect here at Drew.

To learn more about Equity and Inclusion at Drew, contact Alain Sykes, Dean of Equity and Social Impact.

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  • Asian American and Pacific Islander

    AAPI provides Drew's Asian American and Pacific Islander students a safe space to share their experiences, discuss issues related to race and identity, and explore the many different cultures of their roots in Asia and the Pacific Islands.
  • Black Student Union

    Black Student Union provides black students at Drew a safe space to be able to speak openly and honestly about the challenges they face both within the school and beyond.
  • Boys to Men

  • Drew Jew Crew

    The Drew Jew Crew celebrates and honors the rich religious, historical, and cultural traditions of Judaism. In addition to providing an affinity space for Jewish-identifying students, the Jew Crew sometimes celebrates these traditions with the entire Drew student community.
  • Gender and Sexuality Awareness

    Gender and Sexuality Awareness (GSA) is a safe space for students of all sexual orientations and gender identities to discuss LGBTQ+ issues.
  • Latinos Unidos

    Latinos Unidos provides students with a safe space to celebrate, cultivate, and promote awareness of their Spanish-speaking cultural heritage.
  • Mixed (Multiracial) Student Union Affinity Group

  • Women's Group

    Women’s Group is a safe space for self-identified women to meaningfully engage with their individual and shared experiences.

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  • 52.3%

  • 19.8%

    Latinx/Hispanic American
  • 23.3%

    Asian American
  • 26.7%

  • 7%

    Black/African American
  • 2.3%

    Middle Eastern American
  • 3.5%

    Native American
  • 2.3%

    Pacific Islander American
Drew knows and believes in teenagers. We engage each student in a process of intellectual discovery to develop an individual voice, the confidence to express it, and the empathy to understand its impact.
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