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Welcome from the Head of School

We are extremely excited to invite you to explore our school community at this unique and extraordinarily exciting time in our 114-year history and look forward to welcoming you to our vibrant campus in the heart of San Francisco.

Drew’s mission speaks to a core  belief in teenagers that truly sets Drew apart. We recognize and honor your innate gifts, your identity, talents and curiosity, and are motivated by the opportunity to  partner with you to develop all of them as you build  a deeper sense of self and purpose. To make this possible, we are committed to delivering on three essential aspects of your high school experience.

Academically, you will be guided to  connect what you learn to what’s important to you and how to apply that learning to impact the world. You’ll do so in a learning environment that will not just prepare you for college but will equip you with the skills and competencies required to thrive as  a 21st-century global citizen. As you are mentored by our stellar faculty,  you will be deeply challenged in a supportive and individualized way that will ensure that your high school experience  is  filled with growth and joy.  

This challenge will emerge from our cutting-edge curriculum centered around essential questions that will push you to think deeply about yourself and the world; our expanded Honors curriculum which will allow you to push yourself further than you thought possible; our programs which will ensure that you apply what you learn; and or our work around anti-racism, equity, inclusion, and belonging which will help you build the multicultural competencies and empathy to become an active global citizen  committed to building a more just world. 

Socially, you’ll find in Drew a second home - where relationships with your teachers and peers will be caring and trusting - allowing you to take risks and explore your identity and build your independence. Our tight-knit, welcoming community will inspire a deep sense of belonging and both validate and celebrate your individuality.

Personally, you’ll be supported, guided, and inspired at Drew by adults that see you as the individual you are and help you not only find your voice but provide you with the skills and confidence  to amplify it as you discover a newfound sense of agency to make a deep impact on the world. 
I look forward to welcoming you to our vibrant campus  and to sharing with you how this amazing, student-centered school will allow you to find your voice and make an impact.

Experience What High School Should Be

Drew knows and believes in teenagers. We engage each student in a process of intellectual discovery to develop an individual voice, the confidence to express it, and the empathy to understand its impact.
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