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Dodie Crawford, Treasurer

Dodie has served on the Drew Board of Trustees since 2018 and also serves on the Board of Trustees of Connecticut College. She is the Founding President of the National Charity League, Inc., Golden Gate Chapter, a Leadership and Service organization for girls in 7th – 12th grade and their mothers. She launched this group in 2016 with a group of dedicated women who were interested in building bridges with underserved communities in San Francisco. The organization's foundational belief is that through connection, empathy and understanding emerge, issues are identified and girls are inspired to use their leadership skills to initiate positive change.

Prior to children, Dodie held various leadership positions at Clorox, Webvan, and eBay. She then shifted to a consulting role on marketing, strategy, and innovation projects for a wide range of domestic and international businesses. She’s held volunteer leadership positions at Town School for Boys and Katherine Delmar Burke School.

Dodie is grateful for the transformational experience her son experienced at Drew.  She is particularly passionate about Drew's mission and the faculty and coaches' ability to help kids celebrate their authentic selves, realize their passions, and understand the impact they can have in the world. 
Dodie received a BA from Connecticut College in Art History and Economics, and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. She is married to Peter, their son Sam graduated from Drew in 2020 and is now a sophomore at Bates College in Maine, and their daughter Katie is in the class of 2022 at University High School.  In her spare time, Dodie enjoys traveling the world with her family in search of adventures and connections with other cultures and participating in her book club and foreign affairs discussion group.
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