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Annual Wellness Summit Focuses on Sleep and Mental Health

Bring Change 2 Mind, Drew's student-run mental health awareness club, hosted its annual Wellness Summit.

This year's theme was all about the vital connection between Sleep and Mental Health. Our incredible club leaders kicked things off with an all-school trivia game, delving into the fascinating links between sleep hygiene and mental well-being. Following the game, our students engaged in a series of enriching workshops led by both faculty and fellow students. These sessions focused on fostering healthy sleep habits, stress reduction techniques, and relaxation methods, and included:
  • Creative Journaling for Stress Reduction
  • Bullet Journaling for Creativity & Relaxation
  • Stress Reduction Methods
  • Centering Yourself Through Family History
  • Creating Playlists for Relaxation
  • Meditative Embroidery
  • Athletes and Mental Health: Breaking the Stigma
  • Strength With Yoga
  • Nutrition and Sleep
  • Stress Reduction through Board Games
  • Self-Reflection Through Tarot
  • Making Bracelets for Mental Wellbeing

And to wrap up this fantastic event, we had a special visitor on campus – a therapy dog! Because sometimes, a furry friend is just what you need for that extra boost of joy and relaxation. At Drew, we understand that when we prioritize teenagers' mental health, they're empowered to excel in their learning journey. Here's to cultivating a culture of well-being and learning at Drew! 

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