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Stories We Inherit, Stories We Pass Down, Stories that Empower Change

Students from the Shanti Alliance, Drew’s social justice leadership group, spent part of the February Break attending a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Conference at Mid-Pacific Institute and Le Jardin Academy on Oʻahu.

The conference theme, “Stories We Inherit, Stories We Pass Down, Stories that Empower Change,” called for the participants to reflect on personal and societal stories that influence how we engage in our schools and the world. At the conference, students learned from keynote speakers such as Dr. Punihei Lipe, director of the Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation Campus Center, Kealoha Wong, the first poet laureate of Hawaiʻi, and Kumu Hina, a māhū (transgender) film maker, artist, and political activist. Additionally, they engaged in land restoration projects and workshops that made the connection between learning and action in our local communities.  The students will include their learning from the conference in their planning for “Shanti-fest,” a day of DEIB workshops and activities on campus later this spring.

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