DEALLFest 2023

Written by the Marketing/Comms Interns

This past Thursday, we hosted DEALLFest, an all-school and all day event to celebrate and share our learning outcomes from DEALL week with the community. Each DEALL program prepared and hosted a 45-minute interactive workshop that engaged the school community in their program’s learning outcome.
During DEALL week the Let's Roll group set out on a bunch of fun rides and learned some history of San Francisco. To showcase all the places the group went, they created a map that highlighted all their routes of the week and shared info learned from their guided tours. Not only that, but they had students teaching their peers how to fix bikes with a live demonstration accompanied by some bike trivia! Dylan Whitaker ‘24
The TECHStyles program spent their week learning different ways to incorporate technology into clothing, such as 3D printing onto fabric, adding lights to clothes, designing artwork for an embroidery machine, and more. For DEALLFest, the group split 3 ways to teach different things: making yarn with t-shirts, knitting and crochet, and embroidery. Everyone in TECHstyles taught one thing to each person during their presentation. Dallas Burch ‘25

During DEALL, the Reaching New Heights group drove to Bend, Oregon to ski for three days at Mt. Bachelor and then rock climb for two days at Smith Rock State Park. To capture what they learned during their week away, the group set-up a presentation about fear and risk for DEALLFest. The first activity was assessing risk vs reward on a graph. The group gave people scenarios and then they had to place them on the appropriate quadrant on the graph to identify how much of a risk it would be and what the reward would be. There was also a fear box where people wrote down their biggest fears and placed them in a box as a way to identify and be more aware of what their fears were. Finally there was a short skit about the activities that the group did in Oregon. Saffi Carlsson ‘24

The purpose of Full STEAM Ahead was to teach the John Hopkins elementary school about STEAM through a hands-on learning experience. For DEALLFest, the group decided to show-off some of the exhibits that we showed the kids, like teaching probability through black-jack and engineering by building miniature catapults. The group also created a STEAM Night book, which was a collage of everything they did and how to prepare for it so anyone could create their own STEAM night. Li Na Connor ‘24

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