DEALL Recap Day Three!

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DEALL Week Update Day 3 (Part 1 of 2)
Yellowstone Ecology students learned how to use various ecology equipment and went wolf-watching.

Full STEAM Visited the Exploratorium and Academy of science
Latin American Voyage cooked up some tortas fritas and then went on a tour at USF.
Circular Fashion continued their thrifting journey, and learned some sustainable fashion skills like button sewing.
TECHStyles learned some crazy-cool ways to incorporate tech into fashion, such as adding lights and 3D printed objects to fabric.
New Orleans Past to Future explored the bayou on a boat tour.
Storytelling in film worked on writing their own film stories, and wrote reviews of the ones they’ve watched so far this week.
Peace Love & DEALL completed some 70s inspired crafts, including pet rocks and mosaic pots.
Monterey Marine Science went fishing and tide-pooling at Lover’s Point
Animation Experience learned more animations skills, including how to create walking paths
Reaching New Heights found a creative way to avoid the sting of fresh-cut onions.
NYC Urban Equality & Accessibility explored the Bronx on a historical walking tour.
To the Stars! built model rockets and heard from the guest speakers from the National Administration of Rocketry.
What’s Cookin’? learned the art of pasta-making, specifically how to create a delicious bolognese sauce.
Let’s Roll! students (somewhat successfully) dodged the rain and went on a historical biking tour over by Mission Dolores.

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