DEALL Recap Day One!

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DEALL Week Update Day 1 (Pictured in order)

New Orleans Past to Future did some impressive community service work, rebuilding homes that were destroyed by Hurricane Ida.
Property Dragons took measurements to plan out their lobby redesign project.
Animation Experience began their animations in the workshop basement of the Presidio Disney Museum.
Latin American Voyage tasted some food and learned how to salsa dance.
TECHStyles learned how to knit, crochet, and embroider, and began printing 3D decorations.
Peace Love & DEALL had a visit from Juan Fuentes to learn about 70s movements, and then visited the Asian Art Museum.
Storytelling in film watched and discussed the movie Speed (1994)
A Sense of Place walked the 4 miles of the Crosstown Trail.
Full STEAM Ahead began building their science projects that will be shared with elementary students at a science fair later this week.
Circular Fashion made tote bags out of recycled T-shirts, and went thrifting for prom.
To the Stars! visited Planet Labs to learn about and witness satellite construction.
What’s cookin’? learned to make some breakfast essentials, including eggs, bacon, crepes, and omelettes.
Let’s Roll enjoyed the perfect weather with a bike ride to and through Golden Gate Park.
Monterey Marine Science visited Año Nuevo State Park to see the elephant seals.
Reaching New Heights had a powder day on the slopes.
NYC Urban Equality & Accessibility explored Brooklyn.
Yellowstone Ecology settled into their cabins and began their exploration of Yellowstone in the winter.
Migrant Foodways traveled to La Cocina to explore various food groups.

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