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Affinity Group Collab - Shark Tank Edition

Written by Li Na C.'24, Marketing/Comms Intern

Last week was the start of the APIDA (Asian Pacific Islander Desi American) and BSU (Black Student Union) collaboration. Day 1 of the collaboration was focused on building a connection between clubs. 
This was done through our rendition of Shark Tank. The clubs were split into groups and given 30 minutes to create their own “product.” Which were then presented to the sharks (the club leaders). Each group used their creativity to come up with unique ideas. Some highlights were Clock Back and Hammer. The Hammer never hurts anyone, comes back to the user if thrown, can grow and shrink in size, and only costs $300 to make. It never rusts or breaks and is ethically sourced. Clock Back allows the user to control time. There are no issues with it affecting other people because each user creates their own timeline when they use it. Those are the types of pitches the sharks received but there could only be one winner – Hammer!! With the honorable mention to Brianna for most enthusiasm. If you identify with APIDA or BSU, join us next week for Day 2 in room 101 on Wednesday during lunch.

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