It Wasn't the Pea??

Written by Joel A.R. '24, Marketing/Comms Intern

The cast of this year’s spring musical, "Once Upon a Mattress,” has been hard at work rehearsing for this week's performances. Learn more about the musical, rehearsal, and performances by clicking here!
The musical Once Upon a Mattress, which is based on the book The Princess and the Pea, will be performed on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday this week. This ensemble, which consists of 25 students, has been working on this performance nearly every day of the week from 3:30 to 6PM. since January, to ensure the best experience for the audience. The directors of the show, Ms. Stewart and Ms. Greene, have worked hard to ensure the cast has learned singing parts, lines, acting methods, and choreography. 

This musical is based on a prince named Dauntless who is looking for a princess to marry. Taking place in 1428, the story evolves as his mother won't let him be married until the "real" princesses who arrive at the castle complete a certain test that both the Queen and Wizard design. When all of the princesses in the neighboring kingdoms fail the tests, it appears as if  there are no more princesses in existence—that is, until a princess by the name of Winnifred appears and is capable of charming the prince to fall in love. The moving tale of the journey of love in this musical is something you must not miss!

Happening this Thursday(3/16) at 4PM and Friday/Saturday(3/17-18) at 7PM!

These performances are free and open to the public - no RSVP required.

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