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Service Coalition Fair & Volunteer Opportunities!

Written by Saffi C. '24, Marketing/Comms Intern

This past Thursday, the Service Coalition hosted a fair during lunch for students and faculty. It featured a variety of activities, including goodie-bag-making for children facing life-threatening illness and ashtray decorating to put around the city.
For the goodie bags, students had the opportunity to decorate the outside of your goodie bag and customize the snacks that went inside. When they weren’t decorating bags, students could sign-up for different service opportunities such as cleaning the beach, helping out at a dog shelter and volunteering at a fundraising gala. All these opportunities are great ways of giving back to the community, and we encourage you to sign-up! Below are the links to the volunteer programs. It’s not too late to sign up and join us on one of our service events! All community members (students and their friends & family) are welcome to join.

  • Muttville Dog Care - afterschool from 4-7PM, plus weekends (Ages <18 must have parent/guardian present)

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