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Exploring Asian Art in the City

Written By Li Na C. '24, Comms/Marketing Intern

The Advanced Studio class went on a field trip last week to the Asian Art Museum to see the work of Hodaka Yoshida, a Japanese modernist artist who was known for his woodblock printing.
Yoshida was born to a family of artists in Tokyo in 1926. Both of his parents, Hiroshi Yoshida and Kasaburo Yoshida, were important artists in the Shin Hanga art movement that included Western elements into traditional Japanese woodblock prints. The family brought these influences to the United States after the Great Kanto earthquake, and eventually moved back to Japan to create the Yoshida studio which evolved to what it’s known as the Yoshida Hanga Academy. Hodaka was a master woodblock printer and he used this foundation to develop his own unique vision. As Yoshida explored his own style, his work began to incorporate surreal landscapes and abstract forms that were inspired by his world travel and zeitgeist of the 70s.

The students went to the Asian Art Museum to see the retrospective exhibit of his prints. A highlight was seeing the series of 12 Zodiac Landscape prints, and each student took time to  discuss the print with their zodiac sign. Visit the Asian Art Museum to see some of this awesome artwork!


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