The 8 Houses of Drew

The 8 Houses of Drew kicked off the semester with a series of challenges requiring creativity, teamwork, and/or lateral thinking abilities. From LSAT word problems to marshmallow & noodle tower-building, these groups competed against each other to see which house would come out on top.
This past Thursday, the 8 Houses of Drew met to kick-off the new semester. A "house" consists of four advisory groups (one from each grade level). The purpose of the house system is to build community across grade levels. In this past meeting, houses competed in a series of challenges. The challenges required creativity, teamwork, and/or lateral thinking abilities. Some of the activities included building the largest vertical tower with only spaghetti noodles and marshmallows, or solving perception thinking problems found on the Dental School admission exams, finishing logic puzzles taken from the Law School entrance exam. Through collaborative problem solving houses can accomplish anything! In the end, House 7 came out victorious. House 7 consists of the advisory groups of Lopez-Larios, Ferrara, Jimenez, and Hart. 

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