Theme Week 2022 - Through the Decades

This week, the entire Drew Community felt the joy of Theme Week. Learn more about the importance of Theme Week, and watch a video overview here!
This week, the entire Drew Community felt the joy of Theme Week: Through the Decades. The importance of the week can be broken down into three main components explaining it's higher purpose:
  • Leadership & InitiativeTheme Week provides an opportunity for students to develop leadership - they become organizers, team players, and teachers. Each element of the week is organized and executed by students as their class leaders guide and mobilize them throughout the week. 
  • Unity, Pride, Spirit: This week unites each class as they work together to create their final performances. They take the skills they have learned inside and outside the classroom to create their final "product" - one in which they can  take great pride in.
  • Play/fun: Play is an important process of the overall high school experience and there is a time and place for it during this week - whether it's dancing with peers and faculty in the courtyard or "jousting" on a giant inflatable, this week is a great time for everyone involved.
Click on the video below for a quick recap/overview of the week, and stay tuned for when we share the final class performances!


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