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The 415 Festival

Students hosted the first of many 415 Festivals, an event that celebrated the bay area through dance, music and food.
On Saturday March 5th, the Associated Student Body (ASB) presented The 415 Festival. Over 200 students, families, and faculty/staff attended. The event celebrated the bay area through dance, music and food. Students designed three pop-up restaurants including a make-shift lounge on the third floor, a sushi restaurant on the second floor, and an open-air paella in the courtyard. Every 15 minutes throughout the evening, different groups of students performed on one of two “stages” giving the whole event an “outside lands” feel to it. One of the more spectacular features was the unveiling of a 12 ft x 30 ft mural created by over 50 students during consecutive Friday nights leading to the event.  Overall, The 415 was a raging success. If you missed it this year, don't worry! It will definitely be a reoccurring event. Thank you everyone for your support!

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