Independent Writing Work

Faculty Sponsor: Antona Stanley
In this open workshop, students will work on original pieces of written work.
Already have a story in mind? Take advantage of the gift of time, and spend the week focused on your idea. Flesh out that short story you wrote, write the novel you sketched in your journal, finally finish that screenplay--turn the idea that’s been nagging at you into a complete, and maybe even publishable, piece of work. And while you do, we will explore a variety of storytelling techniques to help you through the writing process. Genre, plot, character, language, all those things that a story has to have, and that when used correctly bring your writing to life. You will have the chance to workshop your writing at different stages in the process and receive feedback. At the end of the week, you will present a completed Fiction Challenge of an expert from the piece you crafted during the independent workshop.

Spend the week exploring creativity and developing your craft by letting your imagination run wild. You will be assigned specific elements that must be included in your story based on the challenge in which you choose to participate.

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