Admissions Events

Admissions Events & Timeline

Our events are designed to start big and get increasingly personalized the more we get to know you. Events are separated into two categories - primary events and micro-events. Primary Events are the more critical, large scale events, and Micro-Events are optional small scale events based on interest. For more information on events please see below.

Primary Events

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  • Open House: What Learning Should Be

    At Drew, we go beyond. We believe that in order for learning and true understanding to make the biggest impact it must be relevant, connected, and extend beyond the walls of the classroom. Join us to hear from David Frankenberg, Head of School and Assistant Head for Academics, Saya McKenna followed by an opportunity to meet the experts who bring learning to life every day through interactive classes.

    Students and Parent/Guardians Welcome
  • Student Visit

    Student visits are designed by students for students. Visits will include time in a class and an opportunity to get a real sense of the culture, community, and campus at Drew through a tour.  

    Students Only
  • Equity, Inclusion, and Justice at Drew

    Join us for a night exploring equity, inclusion, and social justice at Drew with our Dean of Equity and Social Impact, Dr. Alain Sykes and student equity leaders.

    Students and Parents/Guardians Welcome. This event is open to all.
  • Parent/Guardian Reception

    We invite parents/guardians to spend some time learning more about our Mission and Vision with Head of School David Frankenberg and members of the leadership team.

    Parent/Guardian-only. In-person and Virtual options.

Micro Events

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  • Investigating the Industrial Revolution: An Introduction to the Climate Academy Approach

    Investigating the Industrial Revolution: An Introduction to the Climate Academy Approach
    Thursday, November 30, 4:00-5:00 pm

    The Climate Academy is a current interdisciplinary opportunity for 9th graders that links their World History and Biology courses through studying the environment, climate change, and climate action. While both methods mirror the critical content and skills of other World History and Biology courses, the focus on the planet allows for deep understanding through relevant application. When you enroll at Drew, you can indicate your interest in taking advantage of this unique opportunity when selecting your coursework. 

    If this sounds like an area you would like to explore further, we encourage you to register for this workshop, as it provides a great introduction to The Climate Academy at Drew.

    Activities in this event will help students answer, "How have humans' actions changed the earth and life on earth?" Through the history lens, students will examine primary sources, looking for evidence of human impact on the environment. Through the biology lens, students will collect data and make inferences about animal adaptations that resulted from the Industrial Revolution on the environment.
  • Leadership Summit

    Leadership Summit
    Saturday, December 9, 3:30-5:00 pm
    This event will bring together a small group of students from around the Bay Area who have previous leadership experience like yourself and give you access to the type of special projects Drew student leaders are tasked with working on as leaders of their community.
  • Learning through Experience: Medical Simulation

    Learning through Experience: Medical Simulation
    Tuesday, December 5, 4-5 pm.

    Experiential learning is at the core of Drew's education. Whether this is a culturally immersive overnight program, an excursion into the Bay Area community, or a project within our classrooms, we use experiential learning strategies to build essential 21st-century skills like collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Come experience a quick example of the transformative potential of experiential learning by participating in a medical simulation like what we do in our Anatomy and Physiology class. You will enter an immersive scene where you can talk to a "real" patient, collaborate with peers, order tests, and formulate a life-saving diagnosis. Not a doctor yet? No problem! Bring your curiosity and see how experiential learning can bring science to life!
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July 2024

Admissions Timeline

Application Deadline: January 9, 2024: Apply using  Ravenna.
Tuition Assistance Deadline: January 9, 2024. Apply using Clarity.

Reach out to Andrea Richerson, Director of Tuition Assistance, with any questions.
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