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Admissions Events & Timeline

Our events are designed to start big and get increasingly personalized the more we get to know you. Events are separated into two categories - primary events and micro-events. Primary Events are the more critical, large scale events, and Micro-Events are optional small scale events based on interest. For more information on events please see below.

Primary Events

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  • Virtual Information Session

    (highly recommended for students and parent/guardians)

    Virtual Information Sessions are a great way for prospective students and their families to get to know our school more broadly and hear from our Head of School, David Frankenberg. 
  • What Learning Should Be

    (highly recommended for students and parent/guardians)

    At Drew, we go beyond. We believe that in order for learning and true understanding to make the biggest impact it must be relevant, connected, and extend beyond the walls of the classroom. Join us to hear from Saya McKenna, Assistant Head of Academics followed by an opportunity to meet the experts who bring learning to life every day through interactive sessions. 
  • Student Visit

    (highly recommended for students) 

    These interactive events are designed by students for students and will allow prospective students to get a real sense of the culture, community, and campus at Drew in a low-stakes environment. 
    This is a student-only event.
  • Equity, Inclusion, and Justice at Drew


    Join us for a night exploring equity, inclusion, and social justice at Drew with our Dean of Equity and Social Impact, Dr. Alain Sykes and equity leaders.
    This event is open to all. 
  • Parent/Guardian Reception


    We invite parents/guardians to spend some time learning more about our Mission and Vision with our Head of School, David Frankenberg, Assistant Head of School, Saya McKenna, Dean of Equity and Social Impact, Dr. Alain Sykes, and Dean of Students, Dr. David Fitzgerald. 
    This is a parent/guardian-only event with both in-person and virtual options.


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  • Micro-Events Coming Soon!

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Admissions Timeline 22-23

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  • Photo of Joanna Lovett '06

    Joanna Lovett '06 

    Director of Admissions
  • Photo of Andrea Richerson

    Andrea Richerson 

    Associate Director of Admissions, Operations
  • Photo of Michael Shin

    Michael Shin 

    Assistant Director of Admissions, Outreach

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