Welcome to Drew!


Welcome to Drew! You did it! 

You spent months exploring high schools. You wrote essays, interviewed, studied and took tests. Your admissions journey was without a doubt challenging but here you are at the end of it with an opportunity to attend an exceptional student-centered high school that believes in YOU!  We're so excited to welcome you to the dynamic Drew community. We are counting down the days until you and the entire Drew Class of 2024—and our transfer students—will join us on campus to embark upon your high school experience. 

Given that schools are closed we know that this week isn’t exactly what you thought it would be. We wish you could walk through the Broderick gates into our one-of-a-kind courtyard to experience Drew one more time. We had so much planned for you. We wanted to take you into our Makerspace to build sirens, our art studio to screenprint a t-shirt, and our dedicated performing arts building to see our state-of-the-art theater and recording studio. And so much more. Be sure to take a look down below for a ton of information on Drew to help inform your decision.  

See you soon and stay healthy! 
Joanna, Andrea, and Drew

Virtual Revisit Events
Click here if you are interested in a live Q+A session and let us know what you are interested in learning more about!  Sign up now to receive the meeting link to join. 

#1: Monday, March 23 at 6pm - Student Panel 
#2: Tuesday, March 24 at 6pm - Student Panel
#3: Wednesday, March 25 at 5pm - Dean Panel 

Please use the following contact lists to email and schedule a call with someone from the community if you want to connect. Everyone is eager to talk to you! 

Quiet Week
As you enter in the week ahead please keep in mind that the Bay Area Association of Admissions Directors has agreed every year that the week of decisions will be “quiet week.” This agreement means that schools and our current families are not allowed to contact you so that you can make this decision on your own. Otherwise, we would definitely be calling you to personally congratulate you and let you know just how thrilled we are that you have been selected out of hundreds of applicants to join the Drew Community! Remember, we chose YOU, we want you here.

Special Messages from the Drew Community
The day before school closed, our students worked to bring together special messages just for you from our community, enjoy!

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  • Photo of Joanna Lovett

    Joanna Lovett 

    Director of Admissions
  • Photo of Andrea Richerson

    Andrea Richerson 

    Associate Director of Admissions
  • Photo of Andrew Heath

    Andrew Heath 

    Outreach Associate | Assistant Athletic Director

Next Steps

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  • Submit Your Enrollment Agreement and Deposit

    You will receive an email from Drew containing your enrollment agreement and invoice for the enrollment deposit. Simply complete the agreement online and pay the enrollment deposit by the deadline, and you are officially a member of the Drew community!

    • Financial aid applicants: Thursday, March 26, by noon
    • Standard applicants: Friday, March 27, by noon

    Please note that these deadlines are strictly enforced. If we do not receive a signed online agreement along with the required deposit on or before the deadlines above, we will offer the spot to one of our eager waitpool applicants.
  • Pick Up Your Drew Sweatshirt and Attend New Family Night

    Once Drew reopens stop by to pick up your Drew Sweatshirt! 

    Then get ready to join us for New Family Night TBA. During New Family Night, students gather with current Drew students for a series of ice breaker activities and to get a better sense of life at Drew while parents and guardians gather in the Learning Commons for socializing and a brief program. Food and refreshments are provided for students and parents/guardians.

Imagine Your Future

Explore the student profiles below to imagine what your future holds at Drew. For more information on student life contact: Emily Dutton, Dean of Students.

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  • Leyli

    Expand Your Worldview as an Intellectual Risk-Taker

    "My teachers encouraged me to take Drew's most challenging advanced honors classes that have pushed me to grow as a student and a person. Ultimately, academics at Drew have expanded the way I think about the world and have given me a great deal of confidence in my ability to take intellectual risks and challenge myself as I continue my education."

    Favorite class: Race & Gender Studies
    Favorite DEALL: Islands of the Bay Area
    Favorite Experiential Elective: Spike Lee & Race

    See all of Leyli's classes, experiential electives, DEALLs, and more here.
  • Diego

    Deepen Your Relationships as an Engaged Community Member

    "Because Drew is such a small and close-knit community, everyone helps and encourages each other. It's great to have a bunch of people around you who are there for support, or just to have fun. The people here are really supportive and we all go through the high school experience together as a community, that has created an environment where you can thrive as a student and a human."

    Favorite class: AP Spanish
    Favorite DEALL: La Frontera
    Favorite Experiential Elective: Croquet

    See all of Diego's classes, experiential electives, DEALLs, and more here.
  • Mack

    Design Your Future as a Hands-On Creator

    "I've been able to forge my own path in graphic design. STEAM is my main area of focus in school—I'm planning on majoring in Computer Science in college—ad I like to use a lot of math in my art. The design program allows for the use of math and specifically geometry to create artwork. For me, being able to learn the tools of graphic design and having the support of my teachers was super unique and really fulfilling."
    Favorite Class: Advanced Graphic Design
    Favorite DEALL: Desert Ecology Camping Adventure in the Mojave
    Favorite Experiential Elective: Contemporary Documentary Film

    See all of Mack's classes, experiential electives, DEALLs, and more here.
  • Abby

    Seek Deep Understanding as an Innovative Problem-Solver

    "Drew empowers you to really explore, try new things, and find your interests. It is important for me to be able to analyze and express my thoughts, not just regurgitate facts and have that be seen as learning. I want to learn and to be invested in my classes. That's something you won't find a lot of places, and it's something I was missing before Drew."

    Favorite Class: American Political History Since 1945 Honors
    Favorite DEALL: Telling the Nation's History: Preservation and Trauma
    Favorite Experiential Elective: High School Musical Dance-Along

    See all of Abby's classes, experiential electives, DEALLs, and more here.


Drew's curriculum emphasizes hands-on learning, collaboration, and searching for true understanding. In the classroom, our teachers will mentor you as you grow intellectually and develop your critical and creative thinking abilities. You'll blossom into an outstanding communicator with a global perspective. Perhaps most importantly, you'll deepen your commitment to integrity and balance. We want the skills and understandings you gain here to be alive, and for you to take them with you and use them throughout your life.

You can see all of Drew's curricular offerings below on our course progressions.

For more information contact: Molly MacKean, Academic Dean

DEALL: Drew’s Signature Experiential Education Week

The DEALL (Drew Education for Active Lifelong Learning) Week experience furthers Drew’s commitment to learning by doing. During DEALL Week, regular academic classes are paused and you’ll choose from 25 options for how to spend the week. The options range from on-campus activities to local trips all the way up to international trips. You will be provided with opportunities and space to make connections with various communities around the world—applying knowledge and skill to exciting and challenging situations.

DEALL Week activities include international trips to study a combination of subject areas while connecting with a new culture, as well as domestic travel and local Bay Area adventures. Each activity is an opportunity to stretch your limits and engage in a hands-on learning experience while deepening your commitment to our community partners.

To learn more contact Maren Anderson, Director of Experiential Education

Equity and Inclusion

Finding your voice is a process that requires meaningful collaboration and empathy within a community.

Drew's inclusive community is made up of diverse people and allows every single person to show up and be their authentic selves. Equity and inclusion work at Drew fosters an environment in which equity and respect for others are core and where you can show up without concern of prejudice.

The goal of equity and inclusion work at Drew is:
  • To allow students to learn about themselves as multifaceted individuals
  • To learn about and how to respect the differences and similarities of others
  • To be able to broaden awareness about the world and how it interconnects with one's own life.
  • To develop cultural competency
  • To build a community of trust, honesty, openness, dialogue, and respect here at Drew
At Drew, the community engages in many different community wide as well as small group activities for students to be able to engage in equity and inclusion work. Some of these events include: 
  • Equity Day, a day of equity focused workshops offered by faculty including community discussions
  • Black Students of Independent schools dance - hosted at Drew 
  • Community wide events put on by the various student run affinity groups  
For the adults in the community, equity work includes, Equity and Inclusion parent coffees, an ongoing equity book club for faculty with this year focused on Whistling Vivaldi.  

We are committed to having conversations and celebrations of difference and our community events truly allow difference to shine. 

To learn more about Equity and Inclusion contact: Jules Greene, Dean of Equity and Inclusion

Affinity Groups

Drew builds community by intentionally devoting space and time for students to connect with peers linked by a common background, interest, or purpose through affinity groups.

Whether it’s based on cultural and ethnic background, nationality, socioeconomic status, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, religion or creed, ability/disability, learning difference, age or generation, beliefs and values, or attitudes and opinions, these groups provide students space to explore and share issues of identity.

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  • Asian American and Pacific Islander

    AAPI provides Drew's Asian American and Pacific Islander students a safe space to share their experiences, discuss issues related to race and identity, and explore the many different cultures of their roots in Asia and the Pacific Islands.
  • Black Student Union

    Black Student Union provides students of color a safe space to be able to speak openly and honestly about the challenges they face both within the school and beyond.
  • Boys to Men

    Boys to Men is a safe space for self-identified guys of all types to exchange ideas, explore their identities and think consciously about the young men they hope to become.
  • Gender and Sexuality Awareness

    Gender and Sexuality Awareness (GSA) is a safe space for students of all sexual orientations and gender identities to discuss LGBTQ+ issues.
  • LatinX

    LatinX provides students a safe space to celebrate, cultivate, and promote awareness of their Spanish speaking cultural heritage.
  • Learning Differences

    The Learning Differences affinity group is for anyone with a learning difference of any type to come together and share about experiences at school and life. Participants learn about the wide variety of learning differences and how to navigate and celebrate life with a learning difference.
  • Middle Eastern

    The Middle Eastern affinity group is for students with Middle Eastern heritage to come together and discuss and celebrate the cultural elements of the Middle Eastern experience.
  • Unity

    Unity is an equity group for all students to come together and speak about topics of equity, inclusion, diversity, and allyship in order to positively impact the Drew community. This group is intended for anyone of any identifier to speak cross-culturally about the issues impacting the human experience and to learn about trust, support, and community.
  • Women's Group

    Women’s Group is a safe space for self-identified women to meaningfully engage with their individual and shared experiences.

Herbst Learning Center

At Drew, you will benefit from our deep understanding of the cognitive and social-emotional needs of the teenage brain. The Herbst Learning Center (HLC) provides a space dedicated to learning support for all students—not just those with diagnosed learning differences. These services include access to assistive technology, such as Learning Ally, and the scheduling of make-up and extended time testing.
Drew students with diagnosed learning differences have access to Learning Specialists for the acquisition of academic and testing accommodations, 1:1 meetings for strategic planning, skills-based learning, and guidance for self-advocacy. Learning Specialists also collaborate with Drew faculty to integrate best practices into the classroom and ensure positive academic and social-emotional outcomes for all students. Furthermore, the HLC offers optional fee-based tutoring with direct 1:1 support for all students. Tutors partner with students and families, and collaborate Drew’s faculty and HLC staff, to provide strategies and support for content, learning, and study.
To learn more contact: Lauren Solomon, Director of Learning Support


At Drew, the process of intellectual discovery doesn’t stop in the classroom: Drew is proud to support the 70% of students who participate in one or more of Drew’s 20 teams. Drew athletes find their voice by building a commitment to competition, athleticism, fitness, and teamwork that helps bolster confidence, leadership, and school spirit.
Drew’s athletics program offers you a place to compete and thrive, whether you’re a highly skilled and experienced player or a novice. Your growth and self-improvement are the highest priority of our talented and experienced coaches. This constant focus on the development of your skills every time you put on a Dragons uniform creates powerful positive results for individuals, teams, and the school as a whole.
Drew is a member of the Bay Area Conference (BAC), which is comprised of 29 schools; the conference includes many small independent, charter, and public schools in the Bay Area. The BAC has four leagues, BCL, BCL-East, BCL-Central and BCL-West. The majority of our teams compete in the BCL-Central League, but some compete in other BAC leagues. Drew School is a member of the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) and North Coast Section (NCS), which sets forth policies that guide our program. The Athletic Director and the coaches are responsible for knowing and enforcing all BAC, NCS, and CIF rules.
To learn more contact: Drew Heath, Associate Director of Athletics

Go Dragons!

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  • Fall Teams

    Boys Soccer
    Girls Volleyball
    Cross Country
    Girls Tennis
  • Winter Teams

    Boys Basketball
    Girls Basketball
    Girls Soccer
  • Spring Teams

    Boys Baseball
    Girls Lacrosse
    Track & Field
    Boys Tennis

Drew's Home Gym

Drew's gym is located within the Booker T. Washington Community Service Center, a 70,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility. Drew families, students, and administrators, along with the Booker T. Washington community, all participated in the complex process of planning and working with City Hall to ensure the center’s approval and completion.

The gym features Drew's logo at center court. This 7,500 square foot space serves as home court for Drew's volleyball, basketball, and badminton players while giving Drew athletes a court to call their own.
The public-private partnership between Drew and the Booker T. Washington Community Service Center is in direct support of Drew’s mission of developing the empathy to understand the impact of one’s voice. Ths gym solidifies a vital connection to a community organization that presents Drew students with a number of service learning opportunities.

Bell Schedule

Drew’s unique schedule is carefully designed to maximize your learning while making plenty of space for community time, advisory, athletics, experiential pursuits, and more.

An overwhelming amount of research has emerged that decisively shows how more sleep in the morning benefits teenage health and performance in school. That’s why at Drew, the school day begins at 9:15 a.m. twice a week: so that you can approach the school day better rested.

At Drew, you’ll be enrolled in six classes each semester with one class period free as a prep period. Drew students like to use that prep period to stay on top of their schoolwork, socialize, or meet with teachers.
  • You attend each of your classes on Monday to check in and set the tone for the week.
  • Tuesday through Friday you have 80-minute block period classes, allowing you to delve more deeply into the subject matter.
  • Late start times on Tuesday and Thursday allow you to sleep in or use the morning to study.
  • During Community Time, you’ll attend all-school assemblies, advising, or other community building activities.
  • Experiential Electives: regularly scheduled explorations within Drew’s academic schedule. You will take three Experiential Electives each school year.
  • Social-Emotional Learning Block: Engage in a variety of activities based on your grade level. The curriculum includes service learning, health and wellness, college counseling seminars, and senior project preparation. Additionally, Thursday afternoons include Tutorial, a structured time to work independently, in small groups, or with a teacher directly.
  • You are allowed off campus during lunch to explore and take advantage of Drew’s Pacific Heights location.
Drew knows and believes in teenagers. We engage each student in a process of intellectual discovery to develop an individual voice, the confidence to express it, and the empathy to understand its impact.
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