A Story Worth Telling

Students in English 2 find their voices by amplifying the voices of others during the A Story Worth Telling assignment.

Students demonstrate intellectual engagement, critical and creative thinking, integrity, and communication by identifying a person or a thing they would like to know more about—a family friend, perhaps, or a local organization that doesn’t typically have its story told. From there, students identify one individual to interview.

To prepare for that interview, students practice their interview techniques with classmates with an emphasis on eliciting responses that create a coherent and engaging story. The requirements for the interview are:
  • Aim for approximately 20-30 minutes in length.
  • Draft interview questions BEFORE the interview.
  • Record the audio of the interview and supplement that with handwritten notes.
Students then will produce a creative piece that communicates the story and the major themes involved before giving an in-class presentation that discusses the choices made in representing the interviewee’s story and makes connections to other texts they’ve read this semester.

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