From Drew School to Tuscany: A Cyclist's Journey

As we approach the conclusion of 2023, let's take a moment to reflect on Sean's Strachan '23 outstanding victory at the Oakland Grand Prix, where he secured the esteemed title of the 2023 NCNCA Grit Champ.
Following his victory, the Drew Alumni Relations Program had the privilege of engaging in a Q&A session with him. Please stay in the loop by following us on Instagram @drewschoolsfalumni for the latest updates.

How long have you been cycling?

I’ve been cycling since I could walk. My dad was a cyclist, and I was on a bike as soon as I was big enough.

What is it about the sport that empowers you?
I love so many things about cycling, but what makes me the most passionate is that if you work towards something as hard as you can and sacrifice for your goals, anything is possible.

Are there any lessons or experiences at Drew that you take with you in your cycling career?
My time at Drew taught me much about thinking critically. This has helped me make decisions on the fly and improvise. Things get very fast and chaotic towards the end of races, which has helped me succeed.

What’s one race that stands out as memorable?
My favorite race I’ve competed in was the Junior Tour of Ireland; it was my first international stage race and taught me much about what it takes to make it globally.

What’s your ultimate cycling goal?
My ultimate goal with cycling is to ride the Tour de France one day. I am moving to Italy next month to begin training for a new pro cycling team based out of Tuscany that I have been invited to join for the 2024 season.

What would you advise someone considering Drew School as their high school?
Going into a new environment can sometimes be intimidating, but every new day is a blessing and an opportunity to learn and grow. Everyone in the Drew community is focused on helping you improve, so don’t be afraid to set ambitious goals.

Follow along as our alumni share their stories and experiences, proving that the lessons learned at Drew School extend far beyond the classroom.

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