Lunar New Year Preparations

Our Mandarin students have begun their preparations for our annual Lunar New Year celebration at Drew.
Students from each level of Mandarin have been researching the importance of and 
traditions surrounding the Lunar New Year in order to create a project that 
will be highlighted during our school-wide celebration later this month. These 
projects/booths must include a captivating visual, a thoughtful presentation of information, and an impactful physical takeaway related to the topic on which they are presenting.
To work through this cultural deep-dive, students utilize the Three P’s of Culture: Products, Practices, and Perspectives. They begin by analyzing a physical object (a Product), and then determine the "when," "where," "how" and "by whom" it is used (the Practices), before finally answering  "why is this important?" through a look at cultural norms, influences, and values (the Perspectives).

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