Peak Performance in the Arts, Science, and Athletics

A current collaboration is happening between the Art, Science, and Athletic departments. Click below to find out more!
At Drew we know some of the most powerful learning happens when we push students to take information and do something meaningful with it. We create spaces within the academic program for the students to make discoveries, have agency, develop their voice and make a real impact on their community. 

One example of this work is a current collaboration happening between the Theater, Science, and Athletic departments. To launch the project, all students in the Theater and Anatomy & Physiology (A&P) classes attended a performance of Passengers at the American Conservatory Theater. For Theater students, this live performance provided a shared experience from which they can discuss and explore aspects of physical theater as they develop their own acting skills. A&P students viewed the circus performance through the lens of the human body, discovering moments of peak physical performance that highlight the capacity of our respiratory and muscular systems.
From there, the A&P students were asked how peak performers, like Olympians, get to the top of their physical game. They called on our resident sports experts in the Athletic Department, Drew Heath and Nelson Maxwell, to help collect data on their own abilities through testing our vertical jumps, standing broad jumps, and wingspan. Through these activities we voiced questions about how to get higher, faster, and stronger. Over the next few weeks, the students will apply all that they've learned to a final presentation on a topic of their choice. Whether they are researching ways to apply scientific content to boost their performance on their ice skates or developing a training plan for Drew’s Badminton team, we are very excited to see what these students create next month!

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