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The 2901 - Spring Edition

A word from the editor and a staff member of the student publication, The 2901.
My name is Connor McSherry, and I'm the Graphic Editor, reporter, and Crossword puzzler for the 2901 student newspaper, where I assist in its quarterly creation. The largest challenges facing us are the ever-shifting atmosphere and areas on which our stories rely, and the creation of the paper itself with our limited staff, though note such is not necessarily a shortcoming. I enjoy, and I believe Drew should enjoy, the excellent writings and craftings that blend to create the student-created publication.
- Connor McSherry '24
I love that 2901 is now not only something I am passionate about, but something that my peers enjoy as well. I have loved the experience of watching other students take on greater responsibilities and take the reins. This makes me very hopeful that 2901 will continue after I graduate! 2901 has grown so much over the years and has become a core part of the Drew community, which is an amazing feeling. 2901 highlights many members of the community and the immense creativity of the people who make up the school. I think that it has become a space where self-expression is encouraged and students can be themselves with the platform of art. Anyone can join, no matter their level of experience. The only criteria is the willingness to put in effort and think outside of the box!
- Mia Epstein '22, Founder & Editor
The featured stories give a detailed look at the 415 Mural, the Spring Musical, and more! Enjoy all of the student generated content, including poetry, art, and a crossword puzzle. The students put in a lot of work - enjoy!

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