Herbst Learning Center

Drew knows and believes in teenagers, and we understand that finding your voice is different for each student. No two students learn in the same way, or at the same pace.

Drew's curriculum that is as rich in content as it is diverse in its implementation. Every student at Drew benefits from our deep understanding of the teenage brain and the offerings of the Herbst Learning Center (HLC), a dedicated space that provides you support as you engage in a process of intellectual discovery at Drew.

In addition to being a quiet space to study, the HLC provides workshops and access to assistive technology. Furthermore, the HLC offers optional fee-based tutoring with direct 1:1 support. Tutors are partnered with students and families, and they work closely with the HLC directors and faculty members to enact effective academic learning strategies. Many of these strategies are now recognized as best teaching practices and are integrated school-wide, providing benefits for all of our students.

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Drew knows and believes in teenagers. We engage each student in a process of intellectual discovery to develop an individual voice, the confidence to express it, and the empathy to understand its impact.
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