DEALL ‘21 will mark a year when we first sheltered in place. After a year of adjusting to extraordinary circumstances, we are beginning to see a light at the end of the pandemic. A virtual DEALL will provide new ways to explore, collaborate, and create. Although it may look differently than prior years, it will not be any less impactful in its quest to develop active lifelong learners.

This year’s program will challenge students through two thematic threads:

First, all participants will take part in a community project. In this project, we will reflect back upon this past year and ask ourselves what we have learned about our own identities that have enabled us to persevere through this anomalous year and would strengthen us for future challenges.

The Second goal for DEALL is to build active life-long learners by providing opportunities to practice initiative and creativity. Active Lifelong Learning involves taking ownership of one’s own learning. This year, we are taking experiential education to the extreme. Through 20+design challenges, students will need to create solutions to problems without being told how to do it. DEALL is creating an environment to take risks and learn from the process. We embrace imperfection and the power of the process. This will be celebrated at the culminating event ”DEALLFest” in which students will present their projects to their community and reflect on the power of building character through the process.

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