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Reading, writing, and discussion encourages self-exploration and develops empathy. In four years of English, you’ll be challenged to expand your worldview by appreciating literary voices from different traditions and to communicate your own experiences and opinions in order to live an intellectually and emotionally rich life.

Teachers work with you to hone your critical thinking skills and intellectual faculties so you can write original work confidently, understand and appreciate any given text, speak clearly and fluently, and use modern technology responsibly. Each student in the room can spark interesting conversations, change mindsets, and make a difference.

Graduation requirement: Four years of English.

English Curriculum

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  • English 1: Literary Discussions

    • 9th-grade full-year course
    • This course is required for graduation
    Develop the art of dialogue, persuasion, and argumentation while examining diverse voices through thought-provoking reading. You will offer ideas, listen thoughtfully, and learn from peers as you develop your individual perspective and voice within a learning community.
  • English 2: On Writing

    • 10th-grade full-year course
    • This course is required for graduation
    Build a deeper foundation of written forms by building fluency, moving through revision strategies, and reflecting on your writing style. You’ll develop as a thinker and writer by interpreting and empathizing diverse writing traditions, grappling with ideas that are sometimes feel just out of reach.
  • English 3: American Literature

    • 11th-grade full-year course
    • An honors version of this course is available
    • This course, or its honors equivalent, is required for graduation
    Analyze what it means to be American through various genres of difficult, unconventional literature that challenge the mind’s desire for simplicity and clarity. You will explore the strange, the nonlinear, and the unknown by asking questions and sharing perspectives in conversation and in writing.
  • English 4: Senior Seminars

    • 12th-grade full-year course
    • An honors version of this course is available
    • This course, or its honors equivalent, is required for graduation
    Engage in college-style seminar courses centered around an essential question while sharpening your skills and writing voice. The seminars address specific themes, regions, time periods, genres, and authorial circumstances centered around that essential question. English 4 seminars change each year. This year’s essential question is: “How does perspective inform or change the way we see the world?”

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  • Photo of Jared Green

    Jared Green 

    English Faculty
    San Francisco State University - Teacher's Credential
    University of Arizona - B.A.
    Year Appointed: 2019
  • Photo of Taylor Martin

    Taylor Martin 

    English Department Chair
    Stanford University - M.A.
    Stanford University - B.A.
    Year Appointed: 2016
  • Photo of Emily Rhodes

    Emily Rhodes 

    English Faculty
    Middlebury College Bread Loaf School of English - M.A.
    Macalester College - B.A.
    Year Appointed: 2019
  • Photo of Antona Stanley

    Antona Stanley 

    English Faculty
    School of the Art Institute of Chicago - M.F.A.
    University of San Francisco - B.A.
    Year Appointed: 2019

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