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Drew believes in teenagers - their ideas, their dreams, their opinions, and their potential. That’s why we’ve created a high school community that challenges the traditional definition of success and celebrates achievement one student at a time. The result is that our students develop into fascinating individuals who are sought after by colleges and who know themselves well when they step out into the world.

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  • Teenagers Need a Second Home

    Teenagers barely have time to catch their breath in these busy times—more than ever they need a safe haven away from home. Most adults today can relate to this idea from their own childhood. For adults, it was a friends’ house or perhaps a church or temple, but it is unlikely it was your high school. Happily, many of our students refer to Drew as their second home. Our warm, inviting community and state of the art campus have become just that for our students: a place they arrive early, stay late, and find their community.
  • Society Defines Success Too Narrowly

    Society has created a narrow definition of success, and exploring one’s individuality during the high school journey does not necessarily fit that mold. High school is precisely the time for teenagers to discover who they are and who they might become among a community of students and adults who enthusiastically embrace each individual. Within the safety of the Drew community, students emerge as confident and assured as they define success on their own terms and go on to institutions of higher learning that are equally reflective of their individuality.
  • High School Should Not Be a Race to College

    The high school years can and should be among the best years of your life —not a race to college—so when schools prioritize scores and grades over learning and experiencing, students miss out on teenage experiences that help them progress in healthy ways. Drew students experience their education in a hands-on manner in their classes, relationships, and activities. Our college preparatory program is designed to open students’ minds to possibilities, emphasizing discovery throughout the journey.
  • All Learners are Diverse Learners

    When high schools create curriculum in a one-size-fits-all manner such as group lectures or multiple-choice assessments, they are doing the majority of their students a huge disservice. Overwhelming evidence today indicates that no two students learn in the same way, and schools whose pedagogy does not consider those differences are woefully behind the times. Drew is a leader among independent schools in understanding those differences and designing a college preparatory curriculum that is as rich in content as it is diverse in its implementation. Every student at Drew benefits from our deep understanding of the teenage brain.
  • Relationships Matter

    The larger the school, the more unlikely students will be known by their teachers and each other. It is widely understood that the value of belonging and of meaningful relationships leads to empowerment, confidence to take risks, enriched learning, and increased accountability. Drew is an intentionally small high school where students are afforded close relationships with their teachers and peers that would not be possible in a larger school. It is the reliability and depth of these relationships that push Drew students to greatness.

Drew at a Glance

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  • Faculty

    40 full- and part-time faculty
    Faculty with Advanced Degrees: 63%
    Average Class Size: 14
  • Financial Aid

    Students receiving financial aid: 40%
  • Student Body

    Number of Students: 290
    Self-identified students of color: 37%

    Drew students come from:
    San Francisco: 76%
    Marin: 11%
    East Bay: 3%
    Peninsula: 10%

Experience What High School Should Be

Drew knows and believes in teenagers. We engage each student in a process of intellectual discovery to develop an individual voice, the confidence to express it, and the empathy to understand its impact.
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